Bonus One

Matt will email you a private video of his secret Optin Intelligence strategy to get a list rush of hyperactive USA buyer leads and subscribers as low as 20 cents – in any market or niche you can think of. These are things no one knows except the students in the EPC Institute.

$1,000 Value

Bonus TWO

Matt will also email you a private video where he breaks down step-by-step exactly how he was able to get 7,751 affiliates to promote his product to break CB’s record. Included with this fast action bonus is a perfect addition to it, It's the digital version of Matt's Super Affiliate Secrets course he did with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer which they recorded right after he broke the Click Bank record. They not just went over the product but how he pulled it off. Plus, they pulled in affiliate managers to share their secrets. Normally they sell the physical version for $997.

$1,000 Value


Matt is going to add you to his monthly 10x digital marketing coaching calls For an entire year. Normally, it’s $1,164 a year for that alone! If you can’t make the calls, don’t worry, he’ll send you the recording.

$1,000 Value

Bonus FOUR

Matt will add you to his Swipe File Of The Month Club, where he’ll not just give you every winning email he sent every month, then as soon as they are sent he will have a private webinar going over the files and data around them with new discoveries found from split tests that will blow your mind. For an entire year. If you can’t make the webinars, don’t worry, he’ll also send you the recording.

$1,000 Value

Bonus FIVE

Matt will also email you a digitized version of his 20 million dollar formula.

$1,997 Value

That’s over $5,997 in FAST ACTION bonuses alone!

But, you get everything for $795 if you act FAST!

No body else will get these bonuses included after Midnight pacific on Wednesday.