Solutions in the age of Covid-19

Bonus SerpScout
Email Campaign and strategy

Step 1

Identify the Industry (Niche) and geographic area you want to target, and generate a contact list of businesses.

Step 2

Analyze the 7 -10 Key Web Presence Factors and Generate a comprehensive report that outlines your findings.

Step 3

Contact the businesses and deliver your analysis, for free, using the Multi-channel Multi-touch system.

Strategy: Offer help and a personalized business Audit to open the door to a new relationship with local businesses who need your help.

Use our 100% Unique Email Campaign to Reach out to local businesses in need of your help!

Attend the LIVE Q&A "Connect The Dots" and use Serp Scout with the systems you've already implemented to multiply your results!!

Why Helping During a crisis is not exploitive or unethical

People are losing money on their business and others are losing jobs.

Providing services that help counter this loss could never be considered taking advantage or profiteering.

Help now, but Profit later

No one expects you to provide your services for free - what you are offering has real value, but now is not the time to price gouge.

in every time of crisis, there’s always a window of opportunity that opens up for those who can help solve problems

The problem only lies with con artists manipulating the situation with fear.

Build lasting Relationships

Businesses owners will remember good people who helped them in the hard times